amw (amw) wrote,

Fuck Rock'n'Roll

Seriously. Z has all but moved in the last week or two. He's here every day. He's totally into his rock music, even more than J. And modern rock music at that. Not bluesy classic rock like Deep Purple. Or fun glammy metal like Guns'n'Roses. Or bangin' industrialish rock like Ministry. No, it's that shitty post-Nirvana whiney 90s rock/grunge/indie stuff. Most recently Gorillaz or Muse or something that pretends to be techno because it's got synthesizers but really it's just another whiny lyricist bitching about i don't know what.

Anywho, each day i hate rock music more and more.

In fact, i think i'm seriously getting over shoegazing/depressing/avant garde/my-life-sucks music. Make it stupid, make it danceable, make it lowest-common-denominator, i don't care. At least it's fun to listen to. I guess that makes me old.
Tags: music

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