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Why not? This is from quit. Unfortunately because this room is completely empty apart from a computer and 25+ boxes there isn't much color around to draw inspiration from.


-Closest red thing to you?

Glowing LED on the modem i have to dial into the internal network at work.

-Last thing to make you angry?

I tend to get extremely angry at shit and then forget about it the next day. The only thing i recall seriously pissing me off recently is J.

-Do you have a temper?


-Last warning you were given?

No idea?!

-Ever been in love?


-Are you a fan of romance?

Yes and no... Sometimes i like cute and funny romance movies. I definitely like comedies that have romantic angles (but not usually "romantic comedies"). The deep, tragic, drawn-out romance stuff ... not so much these days.


-Closest orange thing to you?

The box for my HelixBoard FireWire mixer WHICH I HAVEN'T EVEN FUCKING USED ONCE EVEN THOUGH I BOUGHT IT MONTHS AGO. This is due to J not calling his previous fucking housemate who moved out 9 months ago and telling him to move his fucking shit out so we could have room for a desk to set up my synthesizers. Chalk up another reason to leave.

-Do you like to burn things?

I like melting marshmallows on the tealights in the loungeroom. I also like cigarettes.

-Dress up for halloween?

I've only done it once in my life :-(

-Are you usually a warm-hearted person?

I'd like to think so.

-Do you have anything against ginger hair?

Not per se, but i don't really find it attractive.

-Are you usually full of energy?

No. Depakote can bite me.


-Closest yellow thing to you?

The sweater R gave me to take to a rave on a cold night. That was on a cold night, outside, in Brisbane. Today i'm inside, in Melbourne, and wearing a tee-shirt, that yellow sweater AND a rugby jersey and i'm still cold.

-The happiest time of your life?

Some time in 2001. But i've had other little ecstatic moments and they're finally getting more frequent, which is good.

-Favourite holiday?

Any of them where the shops and (more importantly) liquor stores are open.

-What makes you smile?

House music.

-Are you a coward?

I guess i prefer to avoid conflict if possible. But if something really needs to be done i'll try to put on a brave face.

-Do you burn or tan?



-Closest green thing to you?

My Steinlager rugby jersey dad gave me 7-8 years ago.

-Do you care about the environment?


-Are you jealous of anyone right now?


-Are you a lucky person?

I think so, yeah.

-Do you always want what you can't have?


-Do you like being outdoors?

Sometimes. I don't like not having all my luxuries (computer, TV etc) with me, but i do like fresh air and natural light.


-Closest blue thing to you?

The power LED on my PC.

-Are you good at calming people down?

No, not really. Only people who i'm really close to.

-Do you like the sea?

Yes. I didn't for years and years, but when i was on the coast last year i decided i did again.

-Last thing to make you cry?


-Are you a logical thinker?


-Can you sleep easily?

Absolutely. I don't get people who can't sleep when they're tired. If i'm tired, i sleep, period. I slept through an earthquake (according to the rest of my family) in 1992.


-Closest Purple thing to you?

The rings under my eyes :-(

-Like being treated to expensive things?

No. I don't like being treated at all, because it makes me feel like i owe people.

-Do you like mysterious things?


-Favourite type of chocolate?


-Ever met anyone in royalty?


-Are you creative?

Not as much as i used to be. It feels like i never have the time or motivation any more. I'm going to blame my meds again.


-Closest pink thing to you?


-Are you gay/bisexual?


-Do you like sweet foods?

Usually only chocolate. Most sweet food makes me feel icky.

-Like play-fighting?


-Are you sensitive?

I don't think so.

-Do you like punk music?

Yeah, some. I'm not really sure what "punk" means any more. Skate punk/hardcore/hip-hopish stuff is nifty. And i like The Clash. Most of the pop-punk on the radio is inoffensive. Meh. Put it this way, rock music would be much less annoying to me if it was all punk.


-Closest white thing to you?

My funky flat-panel BenQ monitor. I bought it because it was cheap, but now i like it (even though it doesn't match my silver PC).

-Would you say you're innocent?


-Always try to keep the peace?


-How do you imagine your wedding, if you want one?

I haven't really imagined it since 2002. I don't know. Casual clothes, a real DJ who plays techno, lots of yummy food and no awkwardness with family.

-Do you like to play in the snow?

For sure. I hardly see it these days, so it's a huge novelty.

-Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentists?



-Closest black thing to you?


-Ever enjoy hurting people?

No, i always feel guilty.

-Are you sophisticated or silly?


-Afraid of death?

Not so much death i don't think as getting old and having bits of me fail slowly. That would be seriously fucking depressing. It already kinda is.

-Would you like to go to space?

Hell yes, i've wanted to since i was a little kid. It's number one on my list of things to do when i'm stupidly rich.

-Do you have a lot of secrets?

It depends who from. My work colleagues know very little about me... but then they know sides of me that my friends never will. And vice versa. Hard to say.

-What is your favourite colour?

Blue, i think. It changes, but the last few years blue.

-Does the colour you wear affect your mood?

I don't think so. Though black jeans make me feel all young and metal :-)

-What colour are your bedroom walls?

White in this house, blue in the new house.

-Do you like to paint?

Not really.

-What colour would you think best symbolises your personality?

Blue, i guess.
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