amw (amw) wrote,

mmm crunchy

Pork rinds are good. They are gradually becoming affordable in Australia. Unfortunately beef jerky still costs about a dollar a mouthful. I am eating pork rinds for dinner because we have no fridge. I ordered it last Thursday and now it's Wednesday next week and it still hasn't been delivered. They fucked up, then they fucked up again, then they fucked up again, and apparently it will be delivered on Friday now. Dinner is nuts and chips and processed cheese that keeps on the shelf. Breakfast is Subway. Lunch is donburi from the Japanese joint at work. I'm realizing i really don't like Japanese food very much. Too sweet. Anywho.

I also have no ADSL because the phone company fucked up too. I am really losing patience with shitty incompetent customer service operators. Apparently i am both the previous tenant AND the new tenant in this apartment. They have called me to request my permission to disconnect my newly-connected phone line so that the new tenant (also me) can have their line connected. Fucking morons. I want my internet back :-(

But OH EM GEE this place r0x. Aside from having a Subway and KFC about 30 seconds walk from the front door, there is one of the premier restaurant streets in Melbourne just a few minutes walk away. The apartment is nicely renovated and we have a bigass patio/balcony type thing. The whole building is red brick and kinda old and cute. Gas stove. No mould on the ceiling in the bathroom. Fuck yeah.

Things i will miss about South Yarra:
  • having the Botanical Gardens and Faulkner Park a couple minutes walk from home

  • getting to see Ferraris and Maseratis and Lamborghinis every day

  • being walking distance from the Commercial Rd gay district

Things i will NOT miss about South Yarra:
  • having to walk through a bar full of uppity wine ponces to buy beer

  • the condescending stuck-up pricks at Domain Rd post office

  • the corner store whose fridge doesn't work
Tags: food, my boring life

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