amw (amw) wrote,

i need a back rub

So finally. It's Saturday and my fridge arrived this morning. Nine days after ordering it. Oh My God time for real food and cold coke. I returned my brand new Conia TV that had a broken IR receiver and bought a more expensive LG instead. It's "only" 21" and not widescreen but it'll do till the ship with money comes in and i get a kickass 16:9 flat panel. 2.35:1 letterbox looks kinda dinky, but i'll live. Anywho. I still have no broadband.

Ignoring the lack of broadband, this means everything else is done. Fridge, washer, couch, TV, internet. More stuff is required, but those were the necessities. That means from now till Monday morning i get to relax. Sooooo needed. I've been exhausted the last couple weeks. I think i am going to curl up on the couch with a tallie and watch D.E.B.S.
Tags: alcoholism, my boring life

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