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Sooo i've been visiting for years because it's the best fucking site on the internet, like, ever. Except for But it's like the imdb of techno music. Anywho, i finally decided to get an account a couple months ago so i could buy some music from a seller on there, and so i could add an album whose absence was seriously bugging me (Kadoc - United People for those playing at home).

I've just spent about 5 hours inputting half my CD collection. Urk. I don't have enough karma to submit all the missing stuff, but that's probably a good thing because i would've been here all night. In any case, the links are cataloged on my web site's CD page. I AM SUCH A FUCKING NERD.

Toward the end i started not giving a shit about minor copyright notice differences between the US, European and Australian releases on major labels. Discogs really isn't set up to handle major label releases very well. But if the catalog number doesn't match up then that's just gay. I need to add heaps of those major label snafus, some very small-run stuff i own and all my CDs that remain in America. I don't know when i should contact T about those. I'm guessing when she moves would be a good time.

My brain is so fried right now. Nother beer please.

Discog nerd edit: my lowest-numbered release is Mission Underground on Djax-Up-Beats (603). I wonder how many CDs have lower discog catalog numbers than that?
Tags: alcoholism, music, my boring life, teh internets

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