amw (amw) wrote,

I invented it in Camberwell and it looks like a carrot.

I work in Camberwell. This suburb's claim to fame is actually its British namesake that inspired the aforementioned carrot. In Melbourne it's famous for being just about the only place in the city that is a "dry zone" - i.e. it has no pubs, no bars and no licensed restaurants. By law. It also has a large Safeway and Target, countless SUV moms who have no fucking idea how to drive, and even more old people, whose driving skills are even more tragic.

Last night someone did something to forever brighten up this interminably boring family-friendly suburb. They graffitied a bunch of buildings. And it wasn't tags. It was lots of smiley faces. That makes me happy. I like smiley faces.
Tags: alcoholism, protest

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