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spending money :-)
singapore sunset
I have $1100 spending money, thanks to an amazingly generous tax return. My credit card debt is finally down to $1500 and i have no remaining student loan so i am going to spoil myself, damnit. I've been spending all my extra money on house shit and moving since last year. I'd like to buy something musical, something computerish and something for me.

Musically, i would really love another 303 (considering the Acidlab Bassline), but the Electribe ESX-1 looks good at the prices it's at now - i could sample my 303 and maybe that would be enough. Budget? $600.

My computer needs an upgrade. Actually, it's perfectly fine for doing everything i do regularly on it (i.e. web browsing). I'm considering getting back into the odd bit of Counter Strike, though, and that would involve a faster hard disk and DirectX 9 graphics card so i can run the latest version. Budget? $200.

And i want another tattoo. I've sorta being saying yeah i'll get one for a year and it's never happened. I want a 303 tattoo, but i don't want it to look like a gangster/area code thing. I also don't want a modern-looking psytrance-esque cartoon of a synthesizer. Right now i'm thinking of a kid's drawing of a house, similar to the House That Trax Built CD cover, but incorporating the number 303 above the door or something. I'm not sure how well it'll work on skin, though. I'd get a smiley, but it's too drug-related to go on my arm. Gar. Budget? $200.

Realistically, i'm not sure about another synth. I barely play with my shit right now, much less if i had a new bit of gear. I haven't even plugged anything in since we moved house. I have no motivation, and buying more gear probably won't encourage that.

Fuck, i don't even know if i'd play more computer games if i bought some new components. My life is mostly... watch DVDs, listen to CDs, read comics, drink beer, fuck round on the net, work, sleep. So the tattoo is most important right now.

I think i might start collecting Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. I should start going to the movies again. Just about missed Pirates of the Carribbean, totally missed Fast And The Furious: TOKYO DRIFT BATTLE!!!! ^_^ But Snakes On A Plane and Clerks 2 will be out this month. And A Scanner Darkly next month. Meh, maybe i'll just get cable. Gettin old yo. I need more techno. Yes.

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Get back to music making dear…

… I've got the Electribe ES-1 (there is very little difference with the X, just the later is better built, the S is just all plastic/knobs are fragile but ok… of and these 'lamps' on the X are a joke IMUO…) and it rocks, you can do -a lot- of things with an Electribe (specialy the ESampler) and it's easy to grasp how it works. I aquired it second-hands from Germany and printed the manual from a downloaded PDF, lucky the item works perfectly but I assume it could be less risky and advantagous (warranty) purchasing it new. I don't hide that I salivate on the idea of having an Acidlab Bassline. It's totaly another type of gear, you already have one no ? or do you have the TB ?

Re: Get back to music making dear…

The thing that appeals to me with the ESX-1 is the slightly better mute handling. I have an EMX-1 already too, so they will look pretty next to each other :-) I was listening to Essit Musique #1 the other day and i think the main 303 line in there must be sampled, because he reverses it here and there. So maybe sampled 303 + real 303 isn't so bad? I think the ESX-1 does "smart" timestretching too when you change the tempo, which would be good for sampling complete 303 lines.

My 303 is an Acidcode ML-303 V4. Another German project... It's a pretty good emulation, though not quite as funky as the XMAS and V6 editions which have an OLED display. The Acidlab is a really nice price, and because it's all new components i think it might give a cleaner and more unique sound than the hardcore clones using original components.

It's a hard choice, because i literally haven't touched any of my synths for a few months, and i haven't had all of them plugged in together since January. I haven't written a fucking song since 1999 or something. Sometimes i think maybe i should sell it all...

Are there decent PC-based emulators that can do what you're after? The reason (heh, pun) I ask is that I went through a similar thought process about 6 months ago. The end result was that I sold off the vast majority of my stand-alone keyboards, used the money to pick up a good master keyboard (with a bunch of controllers and shit) and an M-Audio Trigger Finger. Those two items, along with a Roland JV-1010 module, "Keyboards of the 60's and 70's" expansion, and a few emulators (Arturia Minimoog, NI Prophet-5 and B3) make all the noises I'm interested in. It's great not having a huge stack of keyboards and modules for "that one patch."

Granted, I think you're in a completely different musical situation than I am... but at least for me, once I got over the thought of someone else pounding my Alpha-Juno or SY22, it seemed like the right way to go.

Yeah, i kinda went through that last year. Sold all my bits of gear so all i had left was an EMX-1 (useful for x0x drums and the odd monophonic analog bleep) and my 303 (for, well, 303ish sounds). I do really miss having something that can do pads or strings - i think something like a Creamware Pro 12 ASB would be awesome. I love that Prophet 5 sound. But any more seems like overkill in this day and age. I don't know. I want to keep my "studio" small and manageable, but more importantly i just want to write some music again, you know?

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