amw (amw) wrote,

loving work

What the fuck??? I am really fucking enjoying my job. It's reawakening all my inner geekiness. It's so cool to be working on stuff that's running some real big customer sites. It's cool to be working at one of the classically awesome computer companies.

I had a meeting with my boss today and i was going in to ask if i could be considered for one of the permanent positions that's opened up. Before i even got to say anything he offered one to me! I was totally enthusiastic; i'd love to stay here a while.

I just wish it was in fucking Brisbane. I know it's gonna be summer soon, but this weather is miserable. I hate having to wear three layers every time i go outside. Anything more than a wifebeater and jeans shits me. It's so dry too. The clubbing scene really bums me out. There's so much potential there... like there are good DJs from overseas and this and that, but it's just... too big, too impersonal, and when you do go somewhere small it's too clique-y. Chinstrokers. Ugh. Drugfucked snobs, double ugh. My friends are in Brisbane :-(

But man my job kicks ass. Never in a million years did i think i'd be actually WANTING to sit in front of a PC and geek out with Linux all day. Sure i'm the only chick in the whole place, but i have a motherfucking corner office with a view, man! Beer and movies on Thursday nights! 10 to 6. I like. And some of the guys have Mac desktops and now i want one because the screen turns into a cube and swivels round. Dunno if i'll ever get used to that stupid traffic light on the wrong side and menu at the top stuff but. Oh well. As long as the cube spins. And the icons bounce! Yeah, ummmm anywhooo...
Tags: career, raving

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