amw (amw) wrote,

diet tonic

Ooo yeah. Schweppes make Diet Tonic. I didn't realize this in the past, but that may be because i rarely go to the bigass supersize suburban Safeways and always end up at the shitty downtown ones with no stock. So now i can have Diet G&T. Unfortunately i am fresh out of Beefeater so i'm having T&T (tequila). This migration to fancy grown-up alcohol is due to laziness Re: carrying home sixpacks. Also because last time i was near a liquor store i tragically had no money in my wallet. Anywho.

So i'm sure you'll all be thrilled to hear i sold my Adrenalinn and have so far missed out on FOUR (count 'em) ESX-1s on eBay due to American sellers not responding quick enough Re: postage costs. Blah to that. But fuck if i'm going to pay $800 to a local scam artist. (Most Australians massively overprice their synths on eBay.) I'll wait for another us$350 buy it now and just buy it and deal with postage after the win. Even if they hit me with us$100 postage it'd be cheaper than buying local.

I keep meaning to have a bitch about how shitty the train system is here. In particular Melbourne Central is an absolute abortion of a subway station. Only one escalator leads down to the second-level platforms, and in the mornings the stream of inbound commuters coming upstairs is so thick you can barely get through. The trains don't even leave from consistent platforms, they screw them around every day. Anyway i had a rant in my head that was like six weeks in the making, but yesterday i realized if i stay on the tram till i get to Flinders St and then transfer to the train it is far less painful. Of course trains are still delayed and cancelled all the time, but at least i can get to the fucking platform without feeling like Napoleon Dynamite vs the Samoan rugby team front row. Except i'm fuckin cool like Vanilla Ice and the front row are first-year students and dorky suburban commuters. Yeah. Stop, collaborate and listen yo.

I know i had lots of real interesting stuff to say but you know... it went... somewhere.
Tags: alcoholism, making music, manic, my boring life, scatterbrain

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