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I hate email. I used to email all the time. Now i do heaps of email at work, but my personal email has a ratio of about 50 spams to 1 real message per day. And that real message is usually just an automated message. Email basically just serves as reminders for me these days - someone's commented on your discogs submission, someone's asked you a question about your eBay item, someone's sent you a private message on ITM, someone's left a comment on your journal.

I guess forums, blogs, instant messaging and SMS have eclipsed its usefulness for me. Especially with spam :-( Though i notice i'm not meeting many people on LiveJournal either. It's like there's not as many comments, or the comments that do pop up are just from the same circles, it's not always someone new. Maybe everyone's migrated to MySpace and i've missed the boat. Hrm.

This afternoon i'm going to get my tattoo. Still not really sure what it's going to be, but i had some chats with the artist and i guess the thoughts are percolating. This music means so much to me, i want to relate it to that somehow, but music is so hard to express in picture. I don't want notes or other classical notation because that's the antithesis of what house and techno is about to me.

Sunday we're going bowling with my sister and her boyfriend and a few other people. Bowling's kinda been funked up in the last few years in Australia - they're making bowling alleys with disco lighting, DJs playing the background music and bars stocked with everything. We went last weekend and it was really fun. Like being at a nightclub but with something extra to do besides dance. Also it's a good excuse to actually see my sister who i've seen a total of once in the seven freakin months i've been living in the same city as her. Here i've been trying to be all family-like and shit and she's not interested anyways. Pffft.


I am going to eat peanut butter toast. With cheese. For breakfast.
Tags: family, my boring life, teh internets

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