amw (amw) wrote,

omg azn pride ^_^

So living right opposite the main campus for one university and about five blocks up the road from another you get a lot of junk mail. Assloads of cleaning services. Lots of removalists. Restaurant menus. And nightclubs. Aside from being on underground rave mailouts, i've never received flyers in my mailbox.

And what flyers. They're all for this type of clubnight that's so far removed from anything i've ever gone to i can barely fathom yanno. It's like "all the hottest hip-hop, top 40 and r'n'b", "girls get half price drinks" [read: sausage factory?], "latest r'n'b sounds", "hottest chick competition, $1000", "dance competition, no prize"... And the classic one from last week: "Korean Night!!!", "Vietnamese Night!!!", "Japanese Night!!!", "Chinese Night!!!", then on the weekends (wait for it) "Asian Night!!!". Zomg! Sorry C-Fu no Malaysian :-(

Awesome flyers. Full-color glossy, the whole nine yards.

Anywho. Don't you hate it when you grind your teeth so much you get a migraine? Fuck. So ya miss your pills one fucking night.
Tags: crazy, manic, raving

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