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singapore sunset
Man i fucking hate house parties.

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Is that the kind of house party that's thrown in a house, or the kind that plays house music?

The kind thrown in houses. I like house music. I just find house parties awkward, whether they're at your house or someone else's... It's like you can't just let go like you can at a bar or club because it's someone's place with their shit everywhere... and then it's like, when should i leave? When should i kick people out? Why is all the music being played so shit? Everyone is in little groups wtf? Are we going clubbing later? Aren't we? What do you do when people turn up late? What do you do if noone turns up? Is anyone gonna eat or what? X and Y are having a domestic, and everyone has to fucking deal with it! W and Z don't like each other and now they're in each other's face! A, B and C don't even fucking know each other and have nothing to talk about! Ugh. It's just fucked all round, always.

Though i have met some awesome people at house parties, i do admit.

Hehe, I've never really had that many problems with house parties... they generally go pretty swimmingly, but the majority of the ones I've been to involve people so smacked out of their head they're content to jabber about utter bullshit and not bother anyone.

That's a good point. Some of the kids in Brisbane used to call those kind of house parties "house chops". I guess the irritatingness of the party is inverse to the amount of drugs and/or alcohol imbibed. (Unless of course you're sober, in which case it's the other way around.)

But you know, they say alcohol's a social lubricant and all, but i reckon if everyone's fucked then what's really happening is you're socializing LESS with each other, which is why there are less problems. People are talking more but they're saying less. A lot of the closeness you experience when everyone's fucked turns out to be an illusion when everyone sobers up.

Oo listen to the jadedness!

I just don't like people in my house, damnit heh.

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