amw (amw) wrote,

The surreal day

I woke up pretty late today. I was exhausted again. Took a cab to work, worked worked worked till 6:30pm. Tired.

My bus driver was Egg Shen. "Hurro! How yu doong?!" He drove like Egg Shen too. Someone's bus ticket didn't work so he grabbed it out of the machine and flicked his fingers over it - i swear i saw sparks - "shing! ... bootifur!!!" I was waiting for him to kung-fu jump out of the bus when we drove past Chinatown.

Speaking of Chinatown, Insane Clown Posse was playing at The Roxy (aka The Arena) tonight. I don't think i've seen that many face-painted individuals since... ever. It was neat. The line went back two blocks, which sounds like nothing in Big City terms, but The Arena only fits maybe 1000 max. All these smiling painted faces reminded me of how out of the scene i am right now... I haven't really been OUT out in months, and certainly not to see "an international" as we call the European and American artists here. I miss that. Music has always been a huge part of my life, but the last six months... or even eighteen months in some ways... i've been really cut off from it.

I'm trying desperately to save every cent because this week the two directors of the company admitted they're very low on cash and are struggling from pay day to pay day because our clients are so slow at paying. I'm the contractor, so i'll be first to go. *sigh*
Tags: career, my surreal life

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