amw (amw) wrote,


My teeth are healthy! Alrighty. I got me a new Margaret Cho DVD and a step ladder so i can change the light bulbs. And two new bras and two cheap comedy flicks and a bunch of gay zines and some meds and two new tank tops and more contact lenses and other nifty stuff.

At The Reject Shop, aka our local factory seconds discounter, they had a Halloween display. It was only small. It was the tackiest shit you've ever seen. But it was there. And because school's out there were zillions of kids pawing over it like they'd just struck gold. And it wasn't just emos either. People like Halloween, damnit, they should just bring all the cool shit here from America. I bought some very cheap and tacky orange plastic pumpkins to put candy in.
Tags: manic, my boring life

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