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Today is the rugby final. The city is fucking deserted, it's bizarre. I guess it's kinda like the Superbowl expect only people in Melbourne watch it. I went to get comics (disappointment - this week's delivery was delayed), and CDs (disappointment - CDs just seem to be getting more expensive), and groceries.

So i got no new comics and picked up volume 8 of Transmetropolitan, which i've been going through slowly. Good book about a gonzo journalist in the future. I also got season 4 of Scrubs, Soldier and Mortal Kombat. Three frickin DVDs - one's a whole season - for the price of two CDs. Fuck that noise. It's no wonder people aren't buying music any more.

Anywho so Soldier is to pad out my pitifully small Paul Anderson collection, which only has Event Horizon in it at the moment. Mortal Kombat too. Soldier is double-rad, because it expands both my Paul Anderson AND my Kurt Russell collection. Yayo. I shall buy Resident Evil and Alien vs Predator whenever they're affordable. I have such gay taste. I don't have enough shelves to store all my cheesy flicks any more :-(

I am going to make yogurt dill lemon mint dip stuff tonight. I bought Sol too just for a change. So fucking over these shitty heavy beers. We went out to a microbrewery for a work thing last week and i drank so much fruity heavy banana-flavored yeast-drenched stuff i feel like i'm gonna find mould growing out my ears for a year.

Then last night for more work drinks we went to the local. OMG the tragedy. Aside from getting way too drunk when i should've been home, man i fucking hate suburban bars. In the afternoon everyone there is rednecks and housewives, i get openly stared at and talked about for not conforming to their idea of gender stereotypes. Half the pub is people throwing their cash into slot machines. In the evening you get these kids coming in dancing to shitty pop music from the 80s and 90s who look down their noses at you and act all cooler than thou and i just want to kill them all with a machine gun. Rarr! Feel my angst. Noone understands me boohoo.

Anyway, Mexican beers, yeah, nice and light and actually refreshing.

Also, everyone needs to buy The 9/11 Report. It's been graphic novelized and should be available from a comic store near you. They've grabbed all the important stuff and cut it down so it's not like War And Peace-sized any more. It's really interesting to read about how much of a clusterfuck the whole thing was. They should make more terrorism comics, it's fun to read and relevant too. Like Tom Clancy comics, that'd kick ass.

And dude, the Utah Saints kick total ass.
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