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happy discoveries
singapore sunset
Earlier this year i went to see Omid 16B play at The Shamrock. His set was half classics, remixes, new stuff, a real interesting poppy proggy housey blend. He played this one track with an awesome almost-familiar melody that i just couldn't place and ran through my head for ages. So frustrating.

This weekend i was browsing through the discount CD bin (only place they're priced reasonably) and saw Bronski Beat. I recognized the name and could picture the lead singer in my mind but couldn't remember any of their songs. When i saw the track listing included a duet with Marc Almond - a duet of I Feel Love no less - i just had to buy it. Who could pass up a totally gay rendition of the totally gayest disco anthem ever by two of the totally gayest singers ever?

I bought the CD and let me tell ya, that I Feel Love duet is definitely the gayest thing ever put to tape. But listening through i heard that oh-so-simple but FUCKING AWESOME riff on Smalltown Boy and OMG. It's the riff Omid 16B was playing!!! Searched the web and there's a prog remix and various other trance remixes too. But wow. Happy discoveries :-) I watched the video clip on YouTube and it nearly made me cry :-(

Another happy discovery on the weekend was that aside from The Reject Shop there is one other store in Melbourne selling Halloween goodies - Bernard's Magic Shop. I got a cool big orange pumpkin with flashy glowy light inside it. And some glowy ghosties. I need more stuff. We also need to find somewhere gothy and spOooOoky to go out the weekend before. It is a friend's 21st, but it's probably just going to be a debaucherous weekend of gay clubbing and yanno. Raving up the goths would be much more fun (unless i drink too much tequila and slice my finger open again).

My teeth hurt.