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I couldn't resist. I saw Exxos - Dune: Spice Opera on eBay and i had to bid. Went for about 30 euros postage inclusive, which is a bit over $50. Stupid money but i seem to recall one going for more than that a few months back. It's got so many memories for me that album and i it's fucking stupid i pine over all this music i don't have any more all the time. Like you know, you hear the songs in your head and fuck man. :-(

I've been sick as a dog this week. Didn't go to work Wednesday. Today we were supposed to go out for work drinks but i was just too gross. My tummy is icky and hurty and gassy and my head hurts and blogged nose and everything. I think i doubled up on my meds on Tuesday which screwed me further, though that shouldn't a problem now.

We're going to see Sasha & Digweed on Melbourne Cup Eve. I really need to go out practice before then or i'll turn into a pumpkin by midnight. Dumbass me skipped Kevin Saunderson last week to drink with workmates. Speaking of pumpkins, motherfucker, there's still no Halloween shit in the stores. Garr. There is a warehouse party on this weekend that i of course will flake on because it's all too hard.

Oh my head is painy :-(

Was gonna write something. Can't think.
Tags: alcoholism, music, raving, scatterbrain, sick

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