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misc things
singapore sunset
Last weekend i was sick and miserable and didn't know what to do, so i went to Safeway to look for comfort food. I bought popcorn and... wait for it... cheese in a fucking can! Yes, finally they're selling cheese in a spraycan at Australian supermarkets. Woo. Nacho flavor too. On Ritz and Doritos. Yum. Also making real popcorn in a saucepan is lots more fun than in a microwave because it's all ::pop:: ::pop:: ::pop:: and then you take the lid off and popcorn goes flying all over the kitchen. It made me happy.

Still been a bit sick though this week too. For two weeks straight i had no alcohol and no cigarettes. Last night i had two beers and half a smoke. Now i feel crappy again. I wanna stay home all weekend and clean the house and eat jello. I also want to finally set up my synthesizers which i haven't properly touched since i left Brisbane :-(

IE7 is pretty nifty. I hate the stupid menu bar in the middle. http://blogs.msdn.com/tonyschr/archive/2006/01/31/521542.aspx fixes it. And it has the stupid non-native middle-click scroller that Firefox has, which is a major fucking regression in my books, but oh well. It's the future, right?

I'm really getting fat. I don't know what the fuck. The only major difference with what i'm eating now vs a year ago is i'm eating meat almost every meal instead of only once or twice a weak. I'm walking more than i did when i owned a car and it ain't helping. I'm getting fuckin old is what is. Gotta get an exercise regime in place or something. I don't want to keep having to buy new clothes every six months, and as rad as it is to have tits, i can totally do without the belly.

Best news... my credit card balance is finally zero, motherfuckers!!! For the first time in 5+ years i can actually save money. I wanna go on vacation to America.