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Thursday was the like the fucking straightest straight thing you ever saw. It was "Oaks Day", which is some horse race thing here in Melbourne where all the 18-25 year old girls get dressed up in sparkly thigh-high dresses, heels and stupid hats then proceed to get hopelessly drunk and stumble around the city giggling. Truly a sight to behold. What made it all the more tragic was seeing the boys all dress up in fancy suits lookin to impress. It was like fuckin Straight Pride. In fact this whole week has been like pride week for breeders. It's a horse racing carnival - i swear this city has more major sporting events than ESPN - and you know everyone all year round wears normal shit but for one week it's all strappy dresses and heels and suits and hats. And chicken. And champagne. We had a chicken and champagne lunch on Thursday at work. Chicken with bones in it can bite my ass, frickin caveman food... but OMG. I had this sparkling red. It was like... regular red wine (not pink champagne)... and it had bubbles. It was so awesome. Like... fruity.

Speaking of fruity, last night i had apple beer at this fancy pants wine bar in Fitzroy. Now that was gnarly. $10 a beer means you gotta be loaded to get tipsy but still. Apple-y!

Last night was a birthday at a Moroccan vego joint (fuck i was craving meat.. and alcohol - still, yummy chickpeas and coffee) and then tonight is a birthday at... you know it... the motherfucking Market. I think i'll skip the club and just have pre-drinks. I mean, being surrounded by hundreds of half-naked men getting busy on the dancefloor, it's just lost on me. Especially when they don't play C&C Music Factory all night :-( Oh the disappointment of a gay club where they just play the same old electro house/trancey crap as everywhere else. It's like on the one hand you go to a club and have to put up with muzzas hitting on your ass and airhead chix, on the other hand you go to a club and have to put up with men fucking in the goddamn cubicles when you need to pee.

I really want me some of that apple beer. I wish i'd written down what it was. I do think i couldn't get plentily merry on that stuff. Goes down like a dream. Anywho...
Tags: alcoholism, australia sucks, food, manic, raving

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