amw (amw) wrote,

chunky pineapples

Last weekend i ventured out on my own to see Derrick Carter (all the way from Chicago!) Party started at midnight. I had no idea where it was. Some old riverside warehouse now converted to a licensed venue. Had a beer with some friends at 1 and then spent an hour trying to find a fucking taxi. When i finally caught a taxi to the venue it was past 2am... And the venue was about 10 minutes walk from where i'd been having a beer in the first place. Mega d'oh. Still, the music was groovy, it was all boompty boomp with chunky hihats like pineapples and tweety acid bits and saxophone boops. It's the first time since... probably since Europe that i've been to a rave-ish type thing (well, not a club) and listened to music that wasn't psytrance, hardcore, trance or techno. House music fucking kicks ass. So much more when it's not in a regular club too. Derrick played mostly funky house but there were a few really fun techy, more minimal tracks, stuff that reminded me of the music i listened to when i started going out. Awesome is all i can say. I would love to hear me some more of that stuff.

I would also like to say that Miami Vice kicks ass. Soooo much ass.

Additionally, i am hungry.

And i have forgotten what i was going to write about.

We bought a little fiber-optic Christmas tree.
Tags: music, my boring life, raving, scatterbrain

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