amw (amw) wrote,

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

Or wherever they make SPAM. Honestly, it never ceases to amaze how fucking wonderful that processed meat makes me feel. Today was thin-fried in a triple-decker toasted sandwich with pineapple, cheese, ketchup and Tabasco. Better than drugs it is. I feel fantastic. Of course that could also be the beer. Hahn Super Dry - low carb AND doesn't taste like ass. It's like... healthy beer hehe

Tomorrow is New Year's and yanno i really don't feel like going out. I've never really enjoyed New Year's as a night out in Brisbane - or anywhere else. It's always too busy, massive lines for the bar, massive lines for the bathroom, massive lines for cabs... Outdoor raves were the best, but with no car it's not an option. Instead i am gonna kick it at home. M is off to the beach with workmates i think. I bought the Alien box set the other day, it's like 10 DVDs of Alien movies and assorted special features. I have two bottles of champagne, a wheel of camembert, a baguette and ehh.. assorted special features. And lots of music. It should be entertaining.
Tags: alcoholism, food, i am a hermit, my boring life

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