amw (amw) wrote,

2007 first hour mix

prodigy - charly
utah saints - what can you do for me
black box - ride on time
lochi - london acid city
ddr & the geezer - mad cows on acid
shamanic tribes on acid - no armageddon
rowland the bastard - richie harris used my daughter
joey beltram - fuzz
edge of motion - set-up-707

fuck i love acid. the 303 was a fucking gift from god. it's right up there with spam and burritos and boobs and beer (to quote a mate). well, except the spam bit. fuck mad cows is the rudest acidy shit ever. i wish i could find that dirty harry acid track with the "do you feel lucky, well do ya, punk?" sample. that's the fuckin bomb. fuckin english acid rave techno dance music fuckin sfhdsakjst there's nothing like it those ex-punks from south london got it goin on right. fuck rock'n'roll. chicago and new york ain't bad either, well and my techno vaderland - nederland joh! happy new year mofos. i'm going to finish watching hackers and then i will toss-up aliens and big trouble in little china.

before i go i'd just like to say midori and pink champagne is good. and i have run out thereof :-( sobriety sucks.
Tags: i am durnk, music

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