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or not...
singapore sunset
Well the on-again, off-again San Jose trip is currently in off-again mode. As far as i'm concerned it's permanently off-again. If i didn't have confirmation by yesterday i was just going to turn it down anyway - i don't want a mad rush when i get back to work after the Brisbane vacation to figure out tickets, accommodation, car rental etc. I think i did manage to angle a trip to Minnesota later in the year, though. Please stop laughing, half our company is there. The upside of not going to San Jose (and Minnesota) right now is i don't need to buy a parka and snow shoes. Also i get to spend the week after i get back going through only two weeks worth of emails instead of four.

Minnesota is such a funny word it makes you talk in a Canadian accent just saying it.

Though right now i should not be talking. I am really, really, really fucking sick. I don't know what the hell happened but yesterday my throat just gave out on me. Coughing up phlegm, can't swallow anything, head spinning, can't focus... Last night i hardly slept because it hurt so much. Today i'm flying out to Sydney where i'm supposed to network with a bunch of Linux nerds. I don't think i'll be doing much networking if i can't even fucking talk. Blar! The honey, garlic, vitamin C, Sudafed, asprin and tea cocktail hasn't helped so far. I need that miracle mystery cure... Jesus, where are you?

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Canadian accent? Canadians do not have accents! lol


I miss u d00d!


So get a livejournal man! Or a myspace :D

.. and then let people find out that I know YOU? OMGWTFBBQ d00d thats so uncool

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