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Farrrk it's been a while. So i went to the conference for work and experienced far greater nerdliness than i ever thought imaginable. Honestly, the amount of whiny evangelizing socialist free software nerds in one place put slashdot to shame. The presentations were good, the free Google beer was good, but oh my God the GNU fellatio was just wrong. Meh. I went up to Brisbane afterwards and spent a week with no internet and lots of sun. It was awesome relaxing.

Coming back to work was a bit of a bummer, but i was feeling pretty good after the vacation and noodled on. We're coming up to release so things have progressively gotten more stressful (supposed to RTM today, but it'll be Friday now). The release stress was good stress, though, it was working hard to see something come out that will make our customers happy. What's really fucking shithouse is the other political stuff going on at work, something that's gotten worse since the best manager on staff quit. It's been making me really upset and cranky and almost getting me to the edge of wanting to quit. It just drives me nuts how people can make decisions that are so clearly not in the interests of the customer or the employees just for political reasons. And then there's the old if it ain't broke don't fix it. Fucking i don't even want to get into it because it's left me in tears a couple times over the last week already.

Last weekend i went out to my first LAN party. A few of the guys from work have a circle of mates that have been built up over 10-15 years. Every quarter they go out into the country somewhere, like to someone's vacation home or something, then plug a bunch of PCs together and play games. Being a bit of a Counter Strike head myself, i got invited to the last one. It was awesome. Just getting out of the city, being close to the beach, sitting out on the deck with fish'n'chips or pizza and beer and chilling the hell out. Then going inside to shoot a bunch of terrorists or race round a car track. Good stuff. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i did, but it was really therapeutic. Came back and felt like i'd been to a rave all weekend, that same frazzled and burnt out but totally satisfied feeling. Heh, never would've thought LAN parties would be like a rave for old people.

So with all the stress going on at work i've procrastinated on my two after work plans of the last couple months. I want to start Spanish lessons and i want to start playing a sport. Still haven't decided on the sport because i don't want to play in a serious team, i just want something that'll help me get fit and be fun at the same time. I've emailed around and it seems like most sports are amateur teams that play games against other amateur teams, but really i just want to play street basketball or something. So yeah. Gotta make myself do that soon.
Tags: career, gaming, my boring life, travel

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