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Last weekend i went out for Mexican with a bunch of guys from work. Hit Los Amates in Fitzroy and it really wasn't bad at all! It's a so-called authentic place, so there's no chimichanga or other rad American/Mexican dishes, but what we did get was real nice - best i've tasted in Australia, hands down. My favorite was this kinda tart thing with salsa verde inside it. I think it was "sopes"? They had these kinda deep-fried half-moon crescent things with beans in them that were pretty interesting too. I think they may be "tlacoyos". Gotta go there again and try everything in greater detail. Also try all the 12-15 different tequilas they had hehe

Of course after dinner deteriorated into another night of drinking and randomness. Was alright, though gotta say the Fitzroy scene really ain't my thing. After the last few months visiting a few real funky cocktail lounges in the city going to all these student joints where the most complex drink they do is rum and coke is a bit of a downer... But anywho.

I got sick. All weekend kinda had the flu, Monday, yeah, but today it really kicked in. Felt like utter shit, but went to work anyway. Probably shouldnae but meh. I took a sick day for depression a week or two back already. If i take a sick day too much i won't have any left :-( Work is still pissing me off, a lot. It's so frustrating you can be in a place with awesome people and cool technologies but the management just fucks everything in the ass. Back to sick... was so out of it Sunday i left a massive bag full of food at the tram stop (hopefully a homeless guy claimed it and not some cheapass student). Done all kinds of weird stuff... it's like my brain just... went... somewhere.

But the point of the entry? Oh yeah, brand new awesome food discovery. We discovered the David Jones Food Court the other day, which is like a little market and deli but in the middle of a department store right downtown. It's clean and close to public transport and awesome. So we bought a bunch of overpriced yummies and tonight i made this...

3 "Thai chicken burgers" (looks like ground chicken with some satay flavors)
1 lebanese cucumber
few spoonfuls of "greek style" yogurt
lots of shakes of Louisiana hot sauce (yep, found it @ DJs :-)
bit of sumac
4 dates
2 white corn tortillas

That's it, heat the tortillas on an open flame to get em black'n'crispy and OMG a brand new awesome meal. I reckon i could do this one with some lamb fillets or just straight chicken breast cuts. Cilantro/coriander could've been an interesting addition too. Hmm :-)
Tags: alcoholism, career, food, scatterbrain, sick

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