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it's all over
singapore sunset
Yep, it's official, i've gotten old and commercial. Was walking around JB Hi-Fi yesterday and i saw Justin Timberlake's album for $15 and figured what the hell. That first track that hit the charts (Sexyback) was pretty cool smooth electro house and now What Goes Around.. has been all over the radio here and it's so catchy i can't get it out of my head. Plus it featured on an episode of my new favorite dramedy - Ugly Betty. It's right up there with Scrubs and My Name Is Earl. Actually i think it's better than both. Unfortunately as usual Australia is weeks behind and they're screwing over the viewers leaving gaps where the US didn't, so it's been downloadsville for me. Can't wait to get the DVD. It's like Zoolander, but weekly, and with hotter chicks, and tamales. Awesome.

So anywho Justin Timberlake, yeah. Probably the first time i've bought a pop album that was in the charts while it actually fucking was still in the charts. I was awfully tempted last year by Kanye West, but managed to stay all hip'n'underground'n'shit. Now i have a Mickey Mouse Club album muahahaha! First half of the album is the good hip-housey dance stuff, second half is the usual filler you found on all the pop albums in the 80s too. This one's right up there with Holly Johnson's Blast. I'm not sure whether the lyrics are more or less inspired than "Americanos, blue jeans and chinos, Coke, Pepsi and Oreos, Americanos"... But hey, it's catchy and slightly camp and it rules. "I'm bringing sexy back" hehehe
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And you once teased me for my moment of weakness buying a Britney album (which is now banned from my stereo!!!)...hang your head in shame Al!!!

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