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I quit my job Friday. I felt bad quitting after only a year of working there, and after only about 8-9 months of going perm, but the last six months have left me seriously miserable. My job went from something that was really challenging and interesting that i was totally into, and then my old boss left and i got slotted into a new role that seemed alright at first until i realized how much GNU fellatio was required to actually get anything done. I became a patch bitch, stacking patches like pancakes, not getting any fucking work done, and then was told to grovel to a bunch of circle-jerking free software nerds every time i wanted to change something. God forbid we actually work for our customers, yanno, it's all about "the community". Being paid to work on open source has soured me to the whole thing. And i'm not even going to get into the interdepartmental politics that were just destroying me.

Anywho. I'm getting a 15% pay rise and going to work for a company that's doing really well in their niche. Like they're actually making money each quarter and permanently hiring. The work may not be as "hip", it's more middleware stuff, but the whole company just seems more sanely structured. I'm the fifth person to leave my current company to work at this new one, so my director isn't impressed, and i'm likely to get a full grilling on Monday when he's back from vacation. Not looking forward to it. But in three or four weeks i'll be gone so whatever.

Main thing i'm going to miss (besides having an office instead of a cube) is my colleagues. I've met a really good bunch of people where i'm at now, guys i really enjoy hanging out with. For example, next Sunday i'll be going out with guys from work to see NIN. Yes, i'm going to brave another rock show. It's a club show, so i hope it will be cool and dancy. NIN's also my favorite band like, ever, so i guess before i write off all band performances as boring and shit i should at least see one i really want to. For $85 it better be awesome. That's like the price of three raves.

Speaking of ridiculously overpriced music events, i also had a weak moment and bought a ticket to Guns'n'Roses for $150. I think that's more than i've ever spent on a music event, including Earthcore which was three days. G'n'R is my favorite band like, ever, except for NIN (kinda hard to be favorite when you don't release anything). It's gonna be an arena show and i got floor tickets. Never been to an arena show before. I hope floor tickets doesn't mean sitting on the chairs in the floor area at the front, it better fucking mean mosh pit. $150 to sit down for G'n'R would make me cry. I will be going to that one with a work dude too, incidentally.

I really really hope i don't get disappointed with these two events :-( As long-time readers will know, i generally find rock shows seriously disappointing. Never sounds as good as the CD, you pay tons of money for an hour or two, everyone's just standing or sitting around looking serious, it's just got nothing on a decent party - or even on a shit party... But fuck. I'll give it another try. Especially it being my two favorite bands it can't be totally shit... can it? I was tempted by the Pet Shop Boys earlier in the year, but they were only doing festival gigs and fuck that.

Side note, dunno if i mentioned but i took up basketball a couple months ago. I met this dude at Miles Maeda and he's like, you're tall, join my basketball team... so i figured what the hey, and now i'm getting some exercise playing casual basketball once a week. I totally suck, of course. But it's fun, good exercise, hanging out with some different people, i'm losing a bit of weight. It's made me want to take up something else too - i think if i did sport two nights a week i'd be well on track to getting fit again. I'd still like to take up martial arts again, but it seems like everywhere decent costs a fortune. Poo. Apparently my new work has social sporting groups so perhaps that could be an option. Sooo much easier to exercise when you're just out having fun instead of getting serious on the bike. Don't lose weight as quick, but eh.

I am hungry.

Ugly Betty continues to be the best show ever.
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