amw (amw) wrote,

NIN rumors

Soooo i'm like 36 hours away from seeing NIN and there's all sorts of rumors flying around after they postponed two of their Sydney shows. Rumor #1, Trent is sick. Rumor #2, Trent thought the sound quality and vibe was so terrible on the first show he didn't want to do the second and third. Rumor #3, Trent and his guitarist don't like each other any more. Rumor #4, Trent has left the country. I'm trying to think back to the last rock concert i went to that i actually really wanted to go to. I think it was H-Blockx in 1996. They fucking cancelled due to sickness. Is it gonna happen again? I'm prepared for G'n'R to blow it off, that's just what they do, but NIN? Grumble. Oh, wait, Ministry cancelled last year. That was shit too.
Tags: music

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