amw (amw) wrote,

Sometimes i am thankful for owning nothing...

...because it means assholes don't have anything to steal when they break in. I got home at 6:30 or something tonight, couldn't get in the front door because the deadlock was on. Called my landlord, he said go round the back. I went round the back, smashed a bunch of glass in the dark, and called back: "we've had a fucking break-in".

All the doors inside kicked open, shit thrown around. I called the cops and then spent twenty minutes waiting for my landlord and the cops to turn up. After checking that the most important things i own weren't taken - computer (with stored email and pictures), the crystal T gave me, my box of letters from her, the US$100 i have hidden way the hell under clothes in my drawers. None of that was gone. Neither was my (admittedly not expensive) jewellry or my musical instruments.

The girl who moved in next door had US dollars and her gold and diamond jewellry taken. I don't know about the people upstairs because it's 8pm now and they're still not home. Four other houses on the street were hit. We don't have a window at the back any more. I can't lock the door to my room because the lock has been forced. I am seriously motherfucking pissed, though less pissed than i would've been if something was missing. But they rummaged around my stuff. They touched the things she gave me, the things i own, the things that are mine and special.

Probably the only reason i can type this right now is because my PC is in a cardboard box and is not a laptop any more. They ripped it open, but it wouldn't be worth taking something you need to short two pins on the motherboard just to switch on.

I am pissed and i am hungry and i just spent half an hour giving a report to a cop who kept calling me "he" and i need to take a fucking piss but that's exactly where my landlord's dad is working to put a new/temporary window in. God damnit.

Did i mention the place i was living a few years ago got broken into aswell? Guess that's what i get for living in tha hood.

Tags: my surreal life, simple living

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