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msg saved my life

Foods that have saved my stomach from godawful cramps and sadness over the last week... kecap manis and mustard chicken, fried potatoes, mi goreng, nasi goreng, mushrooms in pepper sauce, mashed potato with sausage and baby pak choy mixed through it, hotdogs, 85% cocoa chocolate, peanut butter sandwiches, vegemite toast, nachos with no chili, jello and popcorn.

Foods you should really fucking steer clear of include coffee, diet coke, beer, juice, pepperoni sticks, salami and cheese sandwiches, bean and cheese burritos, pork fajitas, buffalo chicken, red meat, hot sauce, also honey and other food with syrup it seems.

You never stop learning.

I've been planning my American adventures because it's something that makes me happy and i need things that make me happy at the moment. When i was younger (like pre-teen) i had a north-west adventure that went to Canada too, but that doesn't really appeal to me any more.

East Coast Adventure

This would be an adventure to see the major cities, as well as scouting out if i'd like to live in any of them. Most of the adventure would be digging the culture - restaurants, nightclubs and bars. In New York i'd have to do touristy stuff too, though. I mean, it's fucking New York City.

New York

South-West Adventure

This is one i've wanted to do for years. I am a bit worried about doing this one alone - i'm not sure how dodgy it is. But man oh man the scenery has gotta be some of the most amazing in the world. Of course Vegas and LA would have to be touristy stops. San Diego is another place i'd like to visit to see if i'd like to live there.

El Paso
- follow the Rio Grande
- White Sands Monument
- maybe detour to Roswell
Santa Fe
- follow the Old Spanish Trail
- Monument Valley
- Black Mesa
- Grand Canyon
- Hoover Dam
Las Vegas
- Death Valley
San Diego

I'd also love to visit the Carribbean and Mexico, but i really miss America. I need to go back there first i think.

I've been considering using my current savings to fly to Bangkok for laser eye surgery. I can't even imagine how fantastic it'd be to be able to see normally. I mean that's something that'll stay forever... But i'm not really interested in visiting Thailand in general so i wonder if i shouldn't just spend my money going somewhere i really want to go and forfeit the eye surgery. Blar.
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