amw (amw) wrote,

miss me

I know you'll all be happy to know that i don't have Hepatitis. Three weeks ago i visited the doctor to try to figure out why i am sick all the time, why at least one day a week i miss a half day or a full day of work, why i have these amazing purple circles under my eyes, why i feel like shit all the time. Two blood tests and three appointments later i have gotten nowhere. Last week the doctor suspected Hepatitis. This week he shrugged his shoulders and said i probably just had the flu. I told him i've had the flu for three years and he just said "oh well". I am going to see him again in a month, i guess. I'm so happy i can enjoy another four weeks of eating as well as i can afford, exercising, doing everything right, and still being hit with headaches, throataches and nausea every other day.
Tags: sick

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