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singapore sunset
Have i mentioned here my new-found love of cocktails yet? I guess it started when a mate in Brisbane served me Campari on the rocks before dinner one night. Or perhaps it started when i read Hawaiian Dick and saw all the recipes in the back. Or perhaps it was all the fabulous bars i've been to lately. Either way, i've gradually started building up a liquor cabinet and i've been coming up with all kinds of fun concoctions. A couple weeks ago i bought my first bottle of vodka in years - Belvedere from Poland. It's "premium" so i figured it'd taste better than most vodka. No such luck, still tastes like ethanol. However i did discover vodka is a great base for cocktails, perhaps precisely because it tastes of nothing besides alcohol.

Here's one i created two weeks ago...

Al's Lycheetini

2 shots Belvedere
0.5 shot Cachaca 51
2 lychees
half a lime's worth of lime juice
one blob of chopped palm sugar

Muddle, shake with ice, strain into martini glass. I'm not sure the cachaca was necessary but i needed something to perk up the vodka somehow. I'll experiment with other things as i buy them.

Today i bought some white curacao (unfortunately not "Curacao of Curacao", but seems you can't get that here). So i've made something refreshing and not too heavy given that i may have some kind of awful liver disease or God knows what.

Al's Rocky Half Tai

1.5 shots Mount Gay
0.5 shots white curacao
half a lime's worth of lime juice

Shake with ice to cool and crunch up, pour the lot into an old-fashioned glass. Sprinkle with nutmeg. I think it's missing something. More orange - maybe a twist? Still it's got that nutmeg bitter and lime bite that i like. Feels tropical without being creamy or too sweet, which rocks.

I think i base most of my stuff off caipirinhas and mojitos, which i've decided are the best cocktails ever (besides the dry martini). Nice and daily drinkable :-) Though come to think of it, maybe the daily drinkable is why i have the stabbing side pain. Fuck this getting old shit.

Melbourne definitely needs more lesbians. Now M is gone i know none. Where are those hot soft butch/dykey femme types that like to actually go out and party downtown and not sit around eating vegan food in some log cabin country pub? I really miss going out and raising hell with chicks around.

Wheee new user pic. This is from January. I wish i had a pic of me yesterday after i got my new haircut. It's so awesome. Back to bright red again, and with a side-part/fringe/bangs that's now enough i could blend in with the Bang Gang electro house hipsters but with a bit of modern mullet action and still back-tiable. Fuck yes. I do so like getting my hair done. I should be out dancing with beautiful people instead of sitting at home drinking alone. Sigh.