amw (amw) wrote,

what a fucking bipolar week

On the upside, it hasn't been a bipolar week in the sense of rushing mania or soul-crushing lows. But it has been a week where i haven't had a moment to settle on any emotion or just enjoy the good times.

It's like, get to work, get frustrated at having to fix something a colleague completely rooted, boss gives me a spot bonus, back to work, finish an amazing refactor, checkin, inconceivably it fucks the build anyway, spend another day fixing stuff, play basketball, play great but have a close loss and disappointment washes over, go out for post-game cocktails and nasi lemak, great night, next day hangover from hell, back to work, more frustration with fixing more of the same colleague's mistakes, get a raise (!), second basketball game, practice goes great, game sucks sucks sucks like nothing ever sucked before, can't pass or rebound worth a damn, just not happy on the court, everything sucks, back home, sleep, work's going good again, on again, off again, Friday night drinks turns way longer than it should have, miss out on doing all my plans i had for Friday, wake up with a hangover again, need to rush out to claim back the fucking $800+ (!) in medical receipts i have, get to town, motherfucking Medicare has moved their office and EVERY remaining office in the downtown area is not open Saturdays, manage to find some bras at Target that actually fit me, go to Safeway, they've got jalapenos for the first time in months, buy enough jalapenos to make poppers for a small army of chili nuts, tram takes forever to arrive, too many suburban white Australians on there, i want to punch someone, now i'm home and i'm going to make the breakfast i was going to make this morning but i didn't because i went to fucking Medicare that wasn't open anyway.

Oh yeah, i did just pull out the run-on sentence from hell, bitchez. Anywho. Highlights of the week? Last week i got a spot bonus for being a good mentor for one of the new guys. That was such a buzz, i've never gotten a bonus in my life. This week i got a raise about 9 months early for well exceeding the expectations of my boss. Totally unexpected, especially following the bonus. I'm about to make pancakes, bacon, fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs. I have Canadian maple syrup and American hot sauce on hand and i am blasting TKA's Greatest Hits to the neighborhood. Freestyle rocks my ass.

Tonight i will either go see Robert Owens @ Yum Yum or see what L Bar is like. "Bring Down The Walls" mean anything to you? Oh fuck yes it does. Chicago in the hizoose. On the other hand, L Bar is a monthly lesbian clubnight i've just found out about where they actually play house music and not folk or rock or some totally un-club-worthy drivel. I'm sure it will be the electro and commercial ends of house, but i can swing that. So, give up the latest Chicago visitor and the beautiful people for a bunch of dykes? I do feel like i'm missing a part of life going to straight gigs all the time. Of course being me i could just flake on everything and stay home watching Scrubs and drinking alone. That would be exciting. Fark. Mood's going downhill again.... Yarr. I need bacon.
Tags: alcoholism, career, crazy, depression, manic, raving

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