amw (amw) wrote,

daffodils and a rose

So i bucked up and went to the lesbian shindig. It was one of those things, like playing my first game of basketball earlier this year, where if i didn't go then i'd just keep finding excuses forever more. It was hard at first rocking up to a joint which was more cruise club than rave, but a few drinks later i was okay. In fact, i had a really fun night, just being able to be myself and be around other people who were gay too. It makes a nice change from having guys hit on you or talking to airhead chicks in the toilets who're scared you might just be hitting on them. I got a number. I called it Monday. I won't go any further on that just yet.

I wanted to write and let my readers (all 3 of them) know about another journal i have on my friends list - kyahsjourney. A month or two back my step brother and his wife had their 18-month-year-old daughter diagnosed with cancer. I haven't seen my step brother for about 10 years and i've never met his wife, but they've been chronicling their experiences on LiveJournal since the diagnosis and it's really heart-wrenching. This disease is so fucked and claims so many lives, even kids who're barely out of diapers. Today is Daffodil Day in Australia, which is a big fund raiser for the Australian Cancer Council. I bought a daffodil the other day without even thinking about it really. You know my nan died of cancer when i was a kid and my opa is dying of cancer now. I guess one day i will get it too. But at least i've had a bit of a life to live. Fuck, 18 months :-( I really hope she makes it through.
Tags: family, raving

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