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I'm running on about 2 hours sleep here so bear with me.

Last month or two i've been working through a sorta "self-help" course trying to get a bit more direction in my life, figure out if i still want to write music, all that sorta thing. This week i had the task of not reading anything. Fuck me, that was hard. I don't actually read much in the way of books, but i read TONS online. I mean, i waste a metric FUCKLOAD of time online. Not just on internet forums, but clicking endlessly on links on IMDB, Discogs, Wikipedia, etc. I kinda justify it to myself by saying well hey i'm learning about interesting things. And sure i am learning a bunch of trivia, but fuck. In the hours (!) i spend doing that crap every day there are so many other things i could be doing.

So yeah this week i skipped everything online, LiveJournal included, to see what'd happen. Well, what happened is i got drunk a lot and watched a bunch of DVDs :-) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and last night were miscellaneous social events of varying fabulosity. Last Sunday i went out to the park to shoot hoops for a couple hours, which was totally cathartic. I need to do that more often. I also bought some new Superstars. Man i fuckin love those shoes. I think i could have a whole wardrobe of just Superstars. In fact, i pretty much do. I only own Superstars, fuzzy slippers and flip-flops. I should probably branch out, but they're just so damn comfortable.

Going out Friday and last night to a house gig and lesbian gig (also house) really fuckin contrasted with the two (well, three) work events earlier in the week. I was talking to this chick from work at one of them and she's like "so what's house music?" ... This is Melbourne in the 21st century! I mean, how the fuck do you answer that??? It's only what gets played in EVERY FUCKING CLOTHES SHOP IN TOWN, not to mention hair salons, shopping malls, radio stations, TV ads, nightclubs, cocktail lounges, need i go on? And then i realize how many people are out there who just don't do clubbing. They drink tons of alcohol at "clubs" which are really bars and dance to (ironically extremely camp) pop songs and cover bands. The band at Friday's post-work drinks played a fucking rock/funk rendition of Bob Sinclar's Love Generation. I nearly cried. And they're awesome people, yanno, like great to talk to and hang with but holy shit some of our experiences are a million miles apart. It's like we live in the same city and work in the same office but we're on totally different planets. Weird.

I need to enthuse myself to not go to bed and sleep the day away. The sun shines so rarely in Melbourne you need to get out there and make the most of it before it disappears. I wish i had a ghettoblaster so i could bring tunes out when i was shooting hoops. I need to live in the hood or something. My park is too white. Heh.
Tags: alcoholism, manic, movement, my boring life, teh internets

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