amw (amw) wrote,

gettin old

Not me, being sick. Came down with something Tuesday afternoon and spent all day Wednesday in bed unable to eat anything. Thursday sweating with chills miserable at home too. And today my throat is fucked. I'm definitely improving here, but it kinda sucks. Thursday i made blue jello. Also miso and vegemite toast and beef jerky. Strange cravings when sick.

I seriously need a personal photographer. Someone who thinks i'm beautiful. Since coming back from America in 2002 i've had about 25 photos taken of me, about half of which i'm hopelessly trashed in and the other half i'm looking shithouse at home with no make-up. All you lucky people who know me in real life get to see how gorgeous i am all the time ;-) But noone online knows what i look like any more. That includes my mom and dad, incidentally. It's poopy. I bought a proper camera phone with autofocus on eBay the other day, perhaps that'll be a stop-gap for a while. I need some pictures of me looking GOOD again, damnit.

I really want to go out this weekend. I've been listening to all this great new music on Juno and now i'm all itching to have a dance. Some nice simple music, diva vocals, hands in the air, fat electro bass, whatever. That Armand van Helden track that came out last month (I Want Your Soul) would work. Modern freestyle electro house? Something like that. Fuckin choon. It's gonna be the anthem of 2007, mark my words. Of course i'm much too sick to go out - i'm probably sick right now from too much going out last week! Ah fooey.

Incidentally just to prove me wrong last Sunday even though most of the park was white families, the court was mostly Asian. Played some 4 on 4 with randoms. It rocked. I gotta get my dribbling game down better, those street players are soo much quicker than the guys in my Wednesday league. Next week we're starting first round finals so i gotta be back 100%. Doc said it's viral so there's nothing he can do to fix it. Fluids and bed rest. Fuckin yay to that.
Tags: movement, my boring life, sick

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