amw (amw) wrote,

I keep forgetting to update.

Or more to the point, i keep forgetting that on the occasional times i do update, noone reading this actually knows what happened in the months in between the previous time. So here we go.

The last three months i have been exercising every night and making sure i eat at least two meals a week with meat. Normally i don't eat meat because it's expensive, our fridge sucks, and i am too lazy to cook it properly.

I also bought a guitar after selling most all of my synths. I got an old made-in-Korea Kramer from the 80s that i had to nurse back to life over the course of a weekend. It's wonderful to be playing music again, and much as i dig electronic music, it's about a million times easier to pick up a guitar when i'm exhausted after work than it is to screw around with MIDI and synthesizers. I kinda would like a simple, small drums and bass machine, though, because there's only so much solo guitar i can do before i start sounding incredibly bluesy. Side-effect of loneliness or of crappy guitar skills? Probably both.

I'm trying to save money to get back to America. I could get a flight right now, but i won't get far with no extra cash and no job. I want to get a green card putting roof tiles on houses in San Diego. I've met two people who did that, one of whom now installs pools and the other owns an independent record store in SoCal and another here in Brisbane. Damn people.

I'm still working, they're extending the contract each month, though in the last couple of weeks there have been a few moments where i've just been sitting there with nothing to do. I hope they keep finding work for me.

I absolutely cannot get that Flock Of Seagulls song out of my head and it's driving me crazy. I need to buy the self-titled album and cheese myself out for a few hours and then commit suicide or something.

Today i visited the hardware store and bought a bolt to fix the old office chair i, erm, "liberated" from one of my roommates. I have been to the hardware store more times in the past month or two than i have in all my life. Except when T dragged me there, because she's a hardware slut. Yep. But i have a Dremel now, so y'all better watch out.

I'm going to listen to Frankie to get my mind off of running, running so far away. Time to erect the pleasure dome...
Tags: american dream, food, making music, manic, music, my boring life

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