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I was talking to my sister over breakfast Saturday and she was telling me about how she gets together with mates and does like cook-offs where they make all this fancy themed shit. And i realized that even though i've pondered getting seriously into cooking, as a career even, the whole gourmet/by-recipe thing doesn't really appeal to me. The food i love to eat and the food i love to make is all fast food from various cultures. Since M has moved out i've started making all the food i like again because i don't need to cater for anyone else's preferences and the list is just like... Chicago hotdogs, bean and cheese burritos, chicken fajitas (buffalo chicken style, soy/dark style, newly invented Portugese style), tacos, nachos, nasi goreng, bami goreng, satay, green curry, laksa, lamb and date rice, cheese on toast, subs, mash with bak choy, baked potatoes, meatballs on toast, spam burgers, spam and potato burritos and on.

I never have the urge to make a quiche or a casserole or some fancy meat and two veg with sauce thing. Pretty much everything i do is made in a fry pan or in the oven. And i love cooking this stuff, i love coming up with new blends and finding cool new ingredients and one day i'd love to have a diner that served miscellaneous worldwide fast food as well as the usual American stuff, but yeah. Gourmet stuff... Hmm. I feel kinda uncultured realizing this.

Anywho so tonight i made fajitas and experimented with some new flavors on the chicken. I based it on what Oporto (Australian/Portugese fast food joint) burgers taste like and it worked great. Basically one chicken breast sliced into strips, juice of one lime, about a tablespoon of chopped ginger, shitloads of cayenne pepper, bunch of chili oil - mixed up and let sit while i made... Salsa - one jalapeno, one tomato, three cloves garlic, fried up just enough to cook the garlic and heat the mix. Fry up the chicken in butter. Toast some tortillas, add fresh chopped tomato and coriander/cilantro and we're laughing. I guess it's kinda that southwesty style in America but i'll call it Portugese here in Australia.

It hasn't quite cured my hangover, but yanno. Ya do what you can.

Incidentally, from now on i'll be posting random silly clubbing rambles in my myspace since that's where most of my real-life friends are. Of course if i have some divine inspiration while clubbing i'll share it here because yanno. LiveJournal rocks more and stuff.
Tags: food, meta

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