amw (amw) wrote,

burned thumb, blue ringfinger

I'm in the wars alright. Wednesday i intercepted a real hard pass and it badly bruised my ringfinger, today i burned my thumb pretty severely drunkenly making dinner thinking i didn't need a spatula to flip my food. And, well, i didn't, except for the whole thumb-burning thing and all.

Anywho, this week's been pretty cool so far. Started out having dinner with scatterbeetle, which was lovely. Even with the whole no-meat thing - hah! Had a great time and we will have to get together again soon.

Wednesday i went out with a friend of mine i kindasorta knew in Brisbane but have gotten to know a lot better since we both moved down here. Went to Cookie for beers, then BYO wine at the Shanghai dumpling joint, then cocktails at home. Then i fucking had to play basketball at 10pm, didn't i? That was an extremely fucking trashy midweek event. We still won, no thanks to me. Hadn't seen Z for a few months so it was really good to catch up and chat about life, the universe and everything. He might take a writing course with me!

Tonight was work drinks. Came home and burned my thumb and i am considering a quick detour to Carlton Yacht Club just for the hell of it. Going out by myself to try some new cocktails? Sounds pretty tragic. But then what the hell. There is also "Tuff Muff" opening night, which sounds like it'll be butch as fuck but probably won't. It could also be quite fun, but it's in fucking Collingwood. Yes that's only two suburbs over. Yes that's too far for a night held in a pub. Of course if i skip it i know i'll wake up tomorrow and people will be raving. Raving like 2 Unlimited!!! ;-)

(Let the beat control your booody.)

Last weekend's "oh what shall i do tonight" turned into a debaucherous fucking affair at an Irish pub and then some slightly more upmarket (but still grungy) bar and then a house music club that just didn't happen because Daft Punk, quite frankly, suck balls.

So i was going to write about NOT going out stuff in this journal, right? Well... work was really busy this week. Yeah. I did some Java programming. Woo!! Okay fuck that, it's boring. New cocktail i made when i was trashed and fucked up a 20th Century:

1.5 shots gin
0.5 shots white curacao
0.5 shots creme de cacao
half a lime (so sue me, i love limes)

Shake'n'strain. Tastes like jaffa orange/chocolate something. With vodka it'd probably taste okay too - smoother even - but the dryness of the gin was good. Of course since i fucked it up and was wobbly enough to still like it this one should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, i finally got my new phone today. I spent all last night deciding on which 30-45 second sections of which tracks would be awesome as a ringtone. So far i have three classic breakdown/buildups. Armand van Helden - I Want Your Soul, Cafe Groove - Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong (Soul Avengerz Remix) and The KLF - 3.A.M. Eternal. And now noone is fucking ringing me. Goddamnit!!!!!
Tags: alcoholism, food, movement, my boring life, raving

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