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fashion victim

So i went shopping allegedly for a jacket today and bought something i thought i'd never wear - a sleeveless hoodie. Two, in fact. It's like the most pointless item of clothing ever. You know. If it's cold, you wear a hoodie. If it's warm you wear a wifebeater. When are you ever gonna wear a mixture of the two? But i tried them on anyway and they just looked so damn cute i couldn't pass them up. Also picked up another nice knit top. I might not have a jacket but surely this stuff will keep me warm through till summer proper.

Also, there's some Halloween stuff in Target. Takes me back to America :) It's only a tiny stand of monster candy, but still. I really should get down to Bernard's and the Original Lolly Store to pick up some more Halloween thingies. I bet USA Foods has Halloween stuff too but it's way over in some distant suburb so eh.

Yesterday i bought some arak, which is a Middle-Eastern drink i first had a couple months ago at a Lebanese restaurant. It's awesomely awesome. Kinda aniseed flavored, and when you drink it your mouth goes all numb. I bought it to drink with water and ice like they serve it traditionally but also to experiment with it in cocktails. First one is an internet rip, and it tastes pretty good:

1 shot arak
1 shot dark rum (i used Mount Gay)
splash cointreau (i used curacao)
lemon juice (i used about one wedge worth)

Soooo refreshing. I reckon this'd work... arak, lemon, bitters, cachaca and maybe some syrup or muddled palm sugar. Gonna try that next. I'd also like to try muddling dates... or somehow get date "juice" into a drink without having clumpy date bits. Hmm. Could be too sweet.

Also yesterday i bumped into an old colleague at the grocery store, so we went out for spontaneous beers. Had good chats, though i babbled on a lot as i tend to do these days. I need to talk to people who are equally babbly as me otherwise it gets all one-sided. Or perhaps i should just shut up for ten seconds - HAH! And today i had breakfast with another old colleague from Brisbane, which was great. It was her first time in Melbourne and she is loving it. Well why wouldn't you? Aside from the cliquiness of the people when you first arrive it does, in fact, kick all ass.
Tags: alcoholism, clothes, my boring life

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