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do i get a purple heart?
singapore sunset
I have my first authentic sports injury!!! I wish it was a more exciting story. Yesterday we had the first girls' team game of the season and somehow i was just completely off. Like balance wasn't happening, i kept tripping over, just not with it. And then my ankle just buckled underneath me with an ear-splitting CRUNCH and i was like... okay fuck, sub me now please. Iced it at the courts, wheelchaired to the door.

One of the girls drove me all over town looking for a 24-hour pharmacy. I'm guessing it's a suburban thing!? Because there sure as hell ain't fucking any downtown or in the inner suburbs. Finally found one at Brunswick, got crutches, painkillers, icepack and compression bandage. I was in some serious motherfucking pain (like tears of pain, which just doesn't happen to me) but i couldn't take the painkillers till i had food. By this time it was like 8:30 so we grabbed KFC and i hobbled/hopped/crawled home to eat and take pills and whatnot.

Now i don't know if it's sprained or broken or what, but my ankle is like the size of my thigh. Problem is i'm single, i live downtown, i don't have any close friends with a car, plus i hate asking people for help anyway. I should probably go to the doctor, but i know that's down stairs in my apartment, up some crazy fucking tall tram steps, up stairs in the mall, then he'll just send me off for an x-ray anyway, which means going way the fuck out to East Melbourne (more trams), down more stairs, back up stairs again, back from East Melbourne and then up stairs to my apartment again. Only to repeat it the next day when the results come back. And it's too much. Or at least, it's too much for today.

Shit like this makes you realize how it sucks to live alone.

A friend of mine in Brisbane broke his ankle a couple years ago and it really took an emotional toll as well as a physical one. Feeling useless, feeling incapable of doing shit for yourself, being in pain, having to rely on other people - these are things i just don't do. This fucking sucks balls.

But you know, i'll get over it, i'll grow from it. I better be back in the game in two weeks. I don't want to hobble around for months.

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Ack ack ack ack ack. I was JUST there, you know. Lay off it for a day or two, immobilize it with a split of some kind (I love my air cast) afterwards, and get to a doctor when you can.


I remember! Like you i've always had ankles that kinda give out under me for no reason. It seemed like i'd kinda gotten over it in my 20s, but i guess it never really stops.

Today i've started being able to hobble around without the crutches, so i'm hoping it's not too bad. I figure if i can keep it down to two of these kickass codeine pills a day (max is six in a 24 hour period) and still hobble i'm probably okay. My boss is cool for me to work from home this week so i should be able to take it easy for a few days. Now i just need a hot nurse to do a house visit with groceries! :-)

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