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singapore sunset
Being more or less trapped in the house has reignited my TV-watching habits. Or perhaps they're just gearing up again since TV has finally restarted in America. I downloaded episode 3 of Heroes last night and episode 1 of 30 Rock tonight. Heroes, as always, good. And man oh man, 30 Rock is seriously fucking funny. Best comedy on TV right now? I think so. Episodes 1 and 2 of Ugly Betty are on their way down for viewing tomorrow. Whenever they start i guess i'll also be downloading Battlestar Galactica and Scrubs.

Rewatching season 1 of Ugly Betty on DVD i've really gained an appreciation for how full all the characters are. They all seem fairly superficial at first, but as the show progresses so much depth and quirkiness comes out. And the costuming, the set design - it's a fun show to watch because it's just so damned pretty.

I think BSG is the only other really stylish show i've watched lately. The camerawork on that has some amazing moments.

Today i changed a lightbulb, which was really fucking dumb. I realized this when i was at the top of the ladder with all my weight on one foot, hands extended above my head, wobbling around. I am a stubborn idiot. Which is also why i hobbled over to 7-11 to get groceries when my friend J (who lives like two blocks over from me) offered to get them for me. I seriously need to let other people help me. Ahhh it's so hard to do.

Tomorrow i am going to try go to the post office to pick up a package (CDs from discogs probably), but i'll be smart this time and take crutches instead of limping around like a zombie. I probably looked like a zombie too. Maybe i will try put some make-up on. I can be a hot cripple. Like Snoop. Yo. Malibu in da hizoose. Ah such a good movie. Codeine plus valproate makes me sleepy. G'night y'all..

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Prettiest show of the new season (and, frankly, our favorite new show overall) is "Pushing Daisies" on ABC.

You should check it out.

Will do! In this incapacitated state i got lots of time to watch TV. Normally i wait till mid-season to see if the reviews of the new shows are any good, but now i'll download the first ep or two and see what i think :)

Oy. I tried, i really did, but i couldn't make it through the whole pilot. That narrator was soooo annoying, and the Elfman-esque music drove me up the wall. I loved Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls but this one just didn't seem to have the same funky attitude and comedic punch as those two shows did. It definitely had some pretty shots though.

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