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well i'm hungover...
singapore sunset
...my ankle hurts like all hell and i didn't get laid. So yeah. Hooray for clubbing when injured. Now i'm going to watch Ugly Betty episode 4, 30 Rock episode 3 and then i'm gonna get KFC and watch Zoolander. I will also make some new fruity gay cocktail with my apricot brandy. I should buy some pineapple juice or something.

Tomorrow i'm going down the coast to hang out with a chick i met a couple months ago just to kinda get away from it all. Should be a nice change. Just realized it clashes with the creative writing course i wanted to do, so that sucks balls. I will take my book with me, though, and maybe i will feel inspired to write when i'm out there. Generally i don't like going TO the country because it's boring/redneck/isolated/etc, but i do like driving through it - that's just one of those wonderful perfect feelings. In transit, music on, freeways, diners, truck stops, new towns, new cities, just going. Some of the best memories of my life are doing that in 2001/2002.