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A week in dot point form while i gather my thoughts for later...

  • Getting an upgrade to a rear-wheel-drive new model Commodore is fully sweet, but having all the controls in the center sucks when you're kickin it gangsta stylee one arm out the window and need to adjust something. Also it has an odd FRONT blind spot.

  • Driving through the country is indeed lots of fun.

  • Visiting wineries is way more entertaining than i ever expected, but very dangerous when you stand up and realize you still need to drive.

  • Taking leave from work outside of home is so much more relaxing than taking it and staying home.

  • Too much wine at dinner does not make for a happy Thursday.

  • Too much champagne, daiquiris and champagne cocktails does not make for a happy Friday morning.

  • Seeing a drag show with a theater full of middle-aged straight people is a very odd experience.

  • The Australian outback is still a shitty place to set a movie, even when the movie's a musical.

  • No, being gay is not a fucking "lifestyle choice". It's also not a topic that needs to be avoided in "family friendly" boards.

  • Going online when drunk can lead to some strange posts and messages that don't make a lot of sense.

  • The Pet Shop Boys definitely did Go West and Always On My Mind the best.

Tags: alcoholism, car, my boring life

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