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this... is the year... of my debauchery

So let me tell y'all about the fabulosity that is my life.

Last week was awes. Monday and Tuesday i rented a car and went down Mornington Peninsula to meet up with a mate. Spent the night at a B+B with an amazing view of the bay. Spent the days just driving around in the country, went to a couple of wineries for tasting (and amazingly i could actually taste the difference), hanging round reading, ignored my phone... It was soooo relaxing. It was the first night in ages i just slept for as long as i wanted and let my body go. Was so blissed out when i got back to the city.

Of course next day back at work was ridiculously busy because some crisis had come up while i was gone. And then started the stupidity that was the rest of the week. Wednesday night i went over to the boys' new place allegedly for tacos but actually for assloads of wine and random codshit. Thursday back at work (hungover) and straight after it was back with the boys' et al for dumplings and champagne. This was in preparation for the Priscilla stage show (based on the Australian movie about the drag queens travelling through the outback).

So there we are, a row full ridiculously fucking trashbagged queens all geared up for the drag show to end all drag shows... And we realize the rest of the audience are "serious" theater-goers - older couples dressed up in suits looking fancy. So as raunchy as it could've gotten we behaved... well... reasonably well. At half-time we tanked up on more champagne and those awful frozen daiquiris. Oh man. I never liked the movie because it starts out with so much potential and then turns into another one of those typically Australian "oh my, look at the countryfolk, aren't they quirky" things. So yah i was really kinda over it all by the second half, but come curtain time we decided it'd be smart to go to a bar round the corner and continue drinking. A few champagne cocktails later it's almost 2am and all of us had to work the next day. Oy.

But yanno, it's all in good fun. Friday was tough, but i pulled through and caught up on all the major stuff for the week. That evening, which was supposed to be my early night of the week, ended up a very late and emotional one too. Girls can be so complicated sometimes. And then Saturday i had to go to a friend's birthday... which the birthday was okay, but the people there were so straight-down-the-line it was really hard to find anything in common. You know usually i can talk to anyone pretty well, like find some kind of common ground, anything yanno. Most people have a passion or something interesting to discuss. It just didn't happen Saturday... so i stayed till midnight and then... FUCKING IDIOT THAT I AM thought i should go out to a nightclub "just for a bit" to see a friend DJ. Well that just wrote my whole night off. Got home at 6am with a completely fucked up ankle from dancing while under the influence of way too much beer, tequila, jager and more, not realizing how bad it was hurting.

I guess every now and then you just have to have a crazy week. It was like my brain kinda balancing out the total relaxation of the first two days with four days of stress and fun and general silliness. Yes, running round the streets of Melbourne in the middle of the night singing Pet Shop Boys tracks is fun. And silly. And not at all stressful at the time, though thinking back... :-)

This week's been pretty quiet. Tomorrow i'm going to my sister's for Halloween dinner and maybe we'll head out for some early midweek clubbing, depending on how everyone feels. Friday there's a big night i'm planning, but for the rest it's gonna be easy. Next week Tuesday is the Melbourne Cup horse race again, which means a lot of people will be taking Monday and other days around then off. I'll be working on through, but having Tuesday off will be nice. Just need to think of something to do other than sit at home.
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