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I have been crazy happy the last week or two and it's scary because i always gotta worry "is this tooo happy?" But fuck it, go with the flow, right?

Summer finally hit yesterday, we had some 30c (85F) sunnyness, and it looks like today might be the same. Man i missed the good weather so much. This city is pretty damn freezing for most of the year. Though not near as freezing as Canada, where i'm seriously considering moving next year. Yes, yes i am crazy. I am gonna book tickets to Vancouver in February to check it out, maybe fly domestic to Toronto to see the vibe there too, and if i don't completely hate it then i'll apply for a resident visa and see what happens. This shit's gotta work for me right? I've been trying to find practical ways to get to America since i graduated highschool over 10 years ago. Maybe it's finally time.

My new hair was so much fun. After hating the bangs for a few days i decided i loved them, and now they're kinda grown out and a bit too far over the eyes and i want to get it cut again. I should've made an appointment this weekend but got distracted... so next weekend it is. Tonight is a mate's going-away party (he's taking the adventure to Sydney) plus DJ Heather from Chicago is down to entertain us. So far both DJs from Chicago i've seen this year have totally rocked my ass (Miles Maeda and Derrick Carter) so i'm sure she's gonna keep the boomp going. Those dudes know how to make house music, that's for sure.

Next week i'm gonna try play basketball again. Ankle is improving. Life is improving. This is really really good.

Edit: Oh yeah, i've posted some photos on Myspace for internet buddies who don't see me in real life. I also have an increasingly-embarrassing number of tagged photos on Facebook thanks to colleagues and associated Facebook people who keep taking compromising shots of me and uploading them for shits n giggles. Goddamnit. Myspace is linked here, drop me a line for a Facebook link.
Tags: american dream, canada fuck yeah, immigration, my boring life

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