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another reason to leave australia
singapore sunset
For the first time in the 10 years i've lived here, the communist weenie party has gotten into power on the federal level. So much for our tax cuts, our good economy and our strong alliance with the US. I hold out very little hope that this supposedly left-wing party is gonna do anything for gay rights or true civil liberties, they're too concerned with pandering to the unions and conservative suburbanites.

In other news i now have a flight booked for next February. Unless it's really awful i'm gonna try move there permanently by the time i'm 30. Actually achieve something in my 20s yanno? Canada is a shitload easier to get to than the US and really it's a much better stepping stone than staying here hoping that some miracle is going to happen. I qualify for permanent residence right now, though the waiting list is over two years. I'm almost considering applying now just to let the application start moving up in the line while i figure out what other options there are. Honestly, if i'd had the chats that got me on this path with my ex-colleague and jenndolari a couple years ago, i could've been there by now. In the mean time there is a temporary work permit which can run the gamut from H-1B type work down to the usual backpacker-type stuff where you work at summer camp or in the ski fields. Of course then i need an employer to sponsor me (again), but who knows, maybe this time with a degree and 7+ years experience it'll work out.

I really badly need to clean the house, sell some more eBays and get my shit together. I have been spending a lot of time over the last couple weeks distracted from everyday chores and whatnot. Terrible thing, i actually have an ulterior motive to get to Canada, though i guess you could consider it an incentive too. Motherfucker, i'm doing it again. I told you i was crazy. I could almost see my mom on the other end of the phone throwing her hands up in the air. The eyeroll was definitely tangible. But fuck, i'd rather try and fail than not try at all and always wonder.

But seriously, it's not like i try to make my life difficult for myself, that's just the way it works out. Heh.