amw (amw) wrote,

orange, blue and green

A few days ago i scrawled something in my notebook that i never got round to entering:

You know i was thinking today about the fact i'm 23 years old now. It occurred to me that when my mother was my age she was giving birth to me. That makes me feel old, or at least like i haven't settled down the way my parents did.

I look at some of my journal entries and some of the things i'm interested in and wonder how things are different from when my parents were this age. My dad was in the army, my mother was pregnant, and they had a big tray of orange, blue and green-labeled TDK casettes stored in the stereo. I don't know if they were copies, the same way people today share MP3s, but i do remember my dad had crates of vinyl that he left for the garbage guys to adopt in 86/87.

The first tape i remember stealing was Alison Moyet "Alf" - a green label, with track listings meticulously penciled in. My parents liked this album, but i think they got sick of me requesting it all the time. Sometimes i wonder if i'm the only person in the world who remembers "All Cried Out", "Honey for the Bees" and "Love Resurrection". Deep, rhythmic voice...

My dad still buys music, mostly indie rock, whereas my mother sticks to the occasional classical, world or "adult" (Santana, Knopfler etc) purchase. I get the feeling most of our music listening in the 80s was driven by dad, at least until i bought my first tape (AC/DC, of course).

So if i had kids now, what music would i be bringing them up listening to? Would they grow up differently if i played classical music or early stuff from my childhood or modern stuff? What tape or MP3 would be the first one for them to steal? Hmm.
Tags: looking back, music

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