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alphabet meme

From jenndolari...

a - accent: really fucked up mix of Australian, New Zealandish, Californian and Jim Lehrer
b - breakfast item: eggs florentine or fresh fruit
c - chore you hate: dusting/wiping the surfaces
d - dad's name: nicholas
e - essential everyday item: phone
f - flavor ice cream: i don't like ice cream
g - gold or silver?: silver
h - hometown: don't really have one
i - insomnia: not any more, if anything it's the opposite these days
j - job title: software engineer
k - kids?: not any time soon
l - living arrangements: renting an apartment downtown(ish)
m - mom's birthplace: somewhere in Holland
n - number of lovers you've had: like people i actually loved? 4
o - overnight hospital stays: 4 that i remember
q - queer: very
r - religious affiliation: none in particular
s - siblings: one sister
t - time you wake up: 6:30am, assuming i don't hit snooze all morning
u - unnatural hair colors you've had: purplish and crazy bright red
v - vegetable you refuse to eat: i'll eat pretty much anything, but i don't like capsicum/bell peppers
w - worst habit: rambling on and on without getting to a point
x - x-rays you've had: arm, leg, knee, ankle, probably head too
y - yummy: san francisco burritos (carnitas!! frijoles!!), nasi lemak, satay, pineapple and spam burgers
z - zodiac sign: aquarius
Tags: memes

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