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It's funny how it seems like the things that most inspire to me to write these days are good food, good TV and good music. Perhaps that means my life is pretty sweet.

Tonight i made spam musubi, the amw version. I don't know how to make sticky rice, so i just made regular jasmine rice with a bit of white wine vinegar in it. That made it stick-to-your-fingers sticky but not particularly stick-in-a-cube sticky. Still, i formed them into two rectangular logs on the plate. Halved two pineapple rings and laid them out along the length. Sliced a can of SPAM Lite into four slices - fried in rice bran oil and kikkoman soy till crispy - then placed them all on top of each other. Nothing difficult, no hot sauce, no complex flavors... But it was fucking awesome.

What did i drink with this? A pseudo mai-tai. Half white rum, half dark rum, splash of pineapple juice, juice of half a lime, angostura bitters, ice cubes... all stirred up because my cocktail set is still (!) at Z&J's. Then again, i still have J2's army hat, so i guess it's even. Wonder if i should've added some palm sugar but eh.

Good food, good drink... Listening to a fat 303 hip-hop bassline while i write this. Just been watching season 3 of My Name Is Earl and season 4 of Boston Legal - my DVD collection has run out and the writers' strike is still going strong so i'm catching up on the other shows i wasn't already downloading (Ugly Betty, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Heroes, Amazing Race). Apparently L Word season 5 is starting soon. Should tide me through till February 23, at least :-)

Work's been shithouse (as expected) this week. A slow wind-up for the year, but it's still a bunch of stress and shit i don't really want in my life. One day i'll find a career i dig. Right now i'm just interested in pursuing art and love and flavors and sounds and sights. My life does feel like it's going in the right direction and i'm pretty happy.

Loving the election btw. Back to my old haunts - WTOP for streaming radio news, Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan for blogging, Washington Post and CNN and Fox for the media. Iowa was a great break from work Friday afternoon, and i'm sure New Hampshire will be next week. Obama gets the informal thumbs-up from my Australian colleagues, friends and family. Even people who don't give a shit about US politics like him here. That's a good thing for an international figurehead. I like him too.

My physio was pretty positive with me this week. He says i should be able to play again in two weeks, or as soon as i can hop up and down and from side to side on my bad foot without it hurting. It's still hurting a bit, but it's getting better each day. I can't fucking wait. If i'm feeling good enough next Friday i'm going to Frankie Knuckles. Betch. First big gig since Heather. Should rock it. Send me ankle vibes.
Tags: alcoholism, career, decrepit, food, movement, my boring life, news, politics, raving, tv

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